As is often the case for introverts, I procrastinated joining the blogging party.  But, here I sit at technology in-service, learning to use WordPress.  I blog, therefore I digitally am. 

     Summer break, day 9.  So far I have read 3 books and parts of two others (accurate statistic), completed 2200 Sudoku puzzles (hyperbole alert), eaten 5 garden-fresh salads, deep-cleaned 4 rooms, binge-watched 13 episodes of “Orange is the New Black” in two days, planted two vegetable garden beds (one of which contained a nest of baby bunnies I gently evicted), mowed 3 trillion blades of grass and 4 trillion grass-colored weeds (unsure of statistical accuracy) with my human-powered reel mower, attended 22 graduation parties, and mulched 3 flower beds.

     On the agenda: Educators in the Wild at the Wapsipinicon River; The Creativity Workshop in Florence, and subsequent sightseeing in Rome and Venice; and a mission trip to Lascahobas, Haiti.

     The lovely Annie Miller (AKA Daughter #2) will be moving in with her madre at the end of August, bringing my grandpuppies Duke and Daisy with her.  Edna, the mighty feline huntress and empress of the house, may not be pleased. 

     I hope to use this format to encourage discussion and thought among my students and friends, to provide food for thought:  Mangia bene!